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Roland, Z.E.N. Boxer
Roland, Z.E.N. Boxer

Why Host a Z-Box Workshop?

A Z-Box Workshop is not your typical fitness workshop. Z-Box is a specialized program and instructors who teaches Z-Box are uniquely qualified with special teaching skills. By attending a live workshop, new instructors will learn how to teach and obtain specialized skills, while seasoned instructors will get a refresher on being creative and thinking outside of the box (e.g., teach free-style and not the same choreography that everyone else teaches). All instructors will take their fitness status to the next level and become a well-versed, quality instructor.

The Facility

To ensure a quality educational experience, we ask that the environment be free from outside noise and distractions, that adequate restroom facilities be provided, and that the room is clean and temperature controlled. There is no monthly fee for a facility to use the Z-Box FitnessĀ® name, as long as the instructors have been trained by Z-Box Fitness, LLC and maintain a current certificate.

Facility Will Receive

Your facility will receive one complimentary registration for staff member. A minimum of 18 pre-registered participants is needed to prevent cancellation at least 2 to 3 weeks before workshop date. If your facility has more than 28 pre-registered participants, a second staff member will receive complimentary registration. More than 50 pre-registered participants, three complimentary registrations.

There is no fee for hosting a workshop - But the host can earn money!
$100 the day of the workshop who has 18 pre-registered participants!

Incentive for Host

Z-Box FitnessĀ® is the FIRST in the industry to offer an incentive to host Instructors Workshops!
In addition to the complimentary registrations above, the host will receive $100 on the day of the workshop IF the minimum of 18 paid pre-registered participants is met. This is our way of showing our appreciation for all the hard work the host will be doing in making the workshop possible! We believe that hard work pays off!


Z-Box Fitness will process all workshop registrations. You are not required to collect or submit payments on behalf of participants. Z-Box Fitness accepts online payments or snail mail. There is no money exchanged between a hosting facility and Z-Box Fitness, unless special arrangements have been previously arranged in writing.


Once your facility is accepted and booked, we will email and send you plenty of materials to promote your workshop. Most of the advertising of your workshop will be up to you. We will list your workshop on our official Z-Box Fitness website and try to email instructors and/or clubs in your area to help promote your workshop.

"I've attended many workshops and other events and found the Z-Box Workshop to be extremely educating, invigorating and held everyones attention. The content of the workshop was thorough, easy to comprehend and structured to grow on previous elements which proven the professionalism of this awesome duo (Donna and Debbie). I highly recommend this workshop if you are looking for an incredible regimen to offer your clients."
- Patricia Pelto, World of Pole Fitness & Dance Studio

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Z-Box Fitness Host Site.
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